Flight Charter in St Louis County, MN

Taconite Aviation is ready to take to the skies to serve our customers. From in-flight instruction and chartering, to banner towing and aircraft maintenance, we serve the private aviation needs of customers throughout St. Louis County, MN. With more than 50 years behind us, you can count on us for safety, experience and FAA-compliant results

Plane Rental

Aircraft Charter Rental and Service St Louis County, MN

Need to get to a meeting in Milwaukee? Want a direct flight to Kansas City? There’s no quicker way to get there than by a charter plane! We charter direct flights for business and personal customers, to ensure you’re getting to where you need to go quickly and directly. Our planes have great range and we’re happy to provide charter pricing on a per-flight basis.
Airplane Maintence

Aircraft Maintenance St Louis County, MN

Whether you own your aircraft outright or are part of an ownership group in St. Louis County, MN, maintenance is essential for the safety of the craft. We provide complete aircraft maintenance for turboprops. From landing gear replacements to cockpit and cabin inspections, we’ve got you covered from nose to tail, so your plane is always airworthy.
Plane Banner

Banner Towing St Louis County, MN

If you’ve got a message the public needs to see, we’ll take to the skies to help you display it. Give us your message and flight charter path, and we’ll tow your banner for maximum exposure—whether it’s at an event, in front of a skyline or anywhere else it’ll get the word out in St. Louis County, MN.
Flight Instruction

Flight Instruction St Louis County, MN

Have a passion for planes? Want to learn how to pilot a light aircraft? We offer in-flight instruction from experienced, qualified pilots. You’ll get the benefit of flying in well-maintained aircraft alongside trained pilots who have the patience and resolve to teach you the ropes.
Aerial Minnesota

Scenic Airplane Rides St Louis County, MN

Minnesota is beautiful at ground-level—imagine what it looks like from the sky! We can take you on a scenic tour of Superior National Forest or any of the nearby wilderness and beyond, so you can experience our scenic state from a whole new vantage point!

Contact Us

Whether you need someone to fly your message in-tow for a special event or want to learn how to fly a plane yourself, Taconite Aviation is ready to help you. Contact us today at 218-744-1428 for more information about our private aviation services or to inquire about any pricing, rates and fees.