Aircraft Maintenance in Eveleth, MN

Taconite Aviation offers a wide breadth of aircraft maintenance services to turboprop owners in Eveleth and St Louis County, MN. We take the time to ensure your aircraft is safe and flightworthy, compliant with FAA regulations and standards. Our facilities are well-equipped to tackle scheduled and routine maintenance, and we have more than 50 years of experience with single-engine light aircraft.

Scheduled FAA Mandated Checks

To keep your aircraft compliant with Federal Aviation Administration (FFA) mandates and guidelines, it’s required you have it inspected and service with routine frequency. Our goal is to not only keep your craft FAA-compliant—it’s to keep you safe. We do this specifically through 100-hour inspections, which encompass a complete assessment of the craft. If you’re due for your 100-hour inspection, contact us to schedule an appointment.

  • Fuselage and hull group inspection
  • Cabin and cockpit inspections
  • Engine and nacelle component inspection
  • Landing gear inspection
  • Wing and center section assembly inspection
  • Complete empennage assembly inspection
  • Propeller inspection
  • Radio and electronics inspection

Single-Engine Pistons

The more time your plane spends in the air and the older it gets, the more important airplane maintenance becomes. We perform a comprehensive scope of service related to single-engine piston aircraft. Our mechanics ensure a thorough assessment and service of all major systems, leaving you with peace of mind from the moment you leave the ground until the moment you land safely again in Eveleth, MN.

  • Airframe inspections
  • Engine service
  • Propeller balancing
  • Comprehensive maintenance management
  • Paint and interior touch-up and repair
  • Avionics assessments

Changing Landing Gears or Skis

When’s the last time you had your landing gear inspected or repaired? This vital service cannot be overlooked and should always be performed by highly qualified aircraft mechanics. Turn to our team for landing gear changeouts, as well as ski replacements for ski planes

Need Airplane Maintenance?

Whether you share an aircraft with other owners or own your craft outright, maintenance is essential. Count on Taconite Aviation to ensure the ongoing airworthiness of your plane and the safety of you and anyone else using it. Contact us today at 218-744-1428 for more information about airplane maintenance or our capabilities for aviation instruction and more.